Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hello and Welcome..

Hello and Welcome to new likers <3 ..

Hey guys today I am here to share something whats at my end after this long long time and to welcome my new likers. From past couple of days I have noticed that many new fans have join  my page to I would like to say them a big Thank You.
Since I was away from many days , some of you might aware that I have shifted to Saudia Arabia few months back with my husband and my daughter 18 months. It was a tough job moving with a small kid who live and enjoy with beautiful family members and playing with all the time. Now Mama and Baba is only with her to play and she was getting bored. So we took her to different parks and places to let her to cope with the situation and adjust in new environment, Masha Allah, she has now adjust to it.
Now lets share something about here. The place where I live is Yanbu is a beautiful place. If you guys wish to see I will share some pictures that I captured here too. There are lots of shopping malls here. Among them the famous are Centrepoint, RedTag, City Max and TopCenter. These are the ones that I have visited several times. There are many other too. I am going to soon visit and obviously will share it with you. All the famous brands are available here including Mikyajy, Mothercare, Arabian Oud, FisherPrice, Bodyshop, MAC, Juniors, and much more.
I have faced many challenges here including hairfall and foot fractured while performing first Umrah. Alhumdullilah I am fine now . Hairfall has been better now still working hard to cover it . Found some products will definitaely share in my upcoming post. 

Thats all from my side for today. 
And Yes dont  forget to check if you are in KSA the following brands are running sales these days.

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Till the next post, tata bye bye and take lots of care :) 
Sania Wasif :)