Friday, December 6, 2013

Golden Rose Perfect Shine Lipstick

Golden Rose Perfect Shine Lipstick

Hello Everyone, After doing reviews on skin care products today I decided to review something Pink , pinky :) Few days back, I got a shade of Golden Rose which caught my attention. I shared that in my makeup haul here.

So I decided to try this yummilicious shade which is 210.

The shade is super duper pink color. I will call this pink from the family of Disney World. I like lite color shades more because they can be wear casually and daily, so I bought this shade.

The thing that caught my attention was its smooth velvety like texture. It glides on smoothly over the lips and gives pink glittery shine to your lips. However you need to moisture your lips because if they are dry and chappy, it will emphasis lines. I think this is not the fault of the lipstick this might be the case with light shades probably. Anyhow, in any case we need to take of our lips even when not applying lipstick so that the shade properly gives its color.

The other thing which caught my attention was the label which says “Enriched with Vitamin A & E" These vitamins obviously helps us in these winters seasons. As for the wearing time is concerned I found this lipstick to start fade away in 2hours. I will not say without eating or drinking because I eat three ├ęclairs tofees while waiting for my mother in the hospital (Ahh she is better now, but still you know doctors’ follow up checkup). However when it starts to fade it leaves the traces of pink shade making feel your lips smooth and pink. That means it does not wear off completely giving an ugly look.


When buying makeup products I look for the ingredient C177891 (Titanium Dioxide) This ingredient is mostly found in minerals cosmetics and safe for your skin and health. Mostly this is found in base, foundations, sunscreens and blush on . But can be found in any skin care product. This ingredient was suggested to me by my dermatologist. I don’t want to share her name because this is not a paid content. Its just my sharing of knowledge to my followers J

You might like it because:
  • Smooth
  • Its inexpensive
  • Easily available
  • Available in gorgeous pinks and corals shades
  • Fades evenly
  • Contains Titanium Dioxide

You might not like it because
  • You want to moisture your lips so that lip lines are not emphasized
  • Not good staying power

Price and Availability

I bought it for PKR 375 from Imtiaz Super Store. You can check the shades here, but they do not ship worldwide.

You may find some shade may differ from here but this website will you give an idea about the range. This brand is available in all leading stores across Pakistan

Thats all for todays post :)
Till the next post, tata bye bye and take lots of care :) 

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Sania Wasif :)


  1. ah lovely color... :) thanks for sharin and yes i think they emphasize the fine lines on the lips...thts bad :(

  2. Really nice shade, I like it :)

  3. It is super pretty!

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