Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mehndi ~~

Mehndi ~~ A tradition of India and Pakistan

Hearing the word “Mehndi” there are two things that comes to our mind. One is the occasion that is celebrated in a Muslim Wedding and the other is the word that can be applied to hands and foot on different occasions and festivals..


The festival of Mehndi is also being celebrated in Hindus Wedding and it is the most important and enjoyable function of any wedding. 

Applying Mehndi

Applying Mehndi now has been widened in this modern world and the girls are now applying it to arm, neck and even shoulder. The bride however confined herself to use it on hands, arm and foot only.  

Today my post is going to show some of the designs to give the idea, so that brides to be can have the idea and other girls can also choose the design to be applied next on any occasion or generally if you are addicted to it :P Check below the designs <3

Mehndi Design 1

How about this flowery design? Look at the neatness of the design. Do you like it ?

Mehndi Design 2

And this one? Do you like the spaces to be left in between design? Checks or squares?  Like the one below ..

Mehndi Design 3

Wowww  look this fabulous design on arm.. Yayyy or nayy?

Mehndi Design 4

Some people still now a days focus on this round design which is commonly kown as “Teeka”


Mehndi Design 5

The full filled Indian design as below. I like these beautifully filled hands with mehndi. Check the neatness and filling.

Mehndi Design 6

Mehndi Design 7 after removal

Now over to this design, it focus on a pattern that can be visible or understand if both hands are bring closed to each other like these <3

Mehndi Design 8

What about this design? This one is known as “Arabic design” and more commonly “Bail”

Mehndi Design 9

The traditional mehndi looks much better if it give the proper color. When it was unable to give the proper color then comes the trend of red and black mehndi, which has become popular. 

Mehndi Design 10

Mehndi Design 11 

Mehndi Design 12

Mehndi Design 13  ~~ on foot

Mehndi Design 14  ~~ on foot

Alternatively girls use glitters in addition to application of normal mehndi ..

Mehndi Design 15

Stone and pearls can be used to stick on the empty spaces to give a more fascinating look :)

Mehndi Design 16

That’s all from my side for this post ..  Do you love to apply Mehndi? Which is your favorite design ? Let me know in comments.

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Till the next post, tata bye bye and take lots of care :) 
Sania Wasif :)

All images here are searched from google, their  is no intent to steal the images and sharing on my blog. I just used to share it on my blog in order to understand. I would like to thank to all image producers for genuine pictures <3


  1. I d love to apply Mehndi...I live in Tunisia and to celebrate special celebrations and weddings, we apply the henna and also the harkous(you know it looks like the Mehndi and smells so lovely..)I love theses pictures.I think it s so beautiful and lovely to have Mehndy..on our feets or hands , but also arms...and legs...
    these are photos of tunisian Harkous without the henne(yellow-orange painting)
    Have a great day!

    1. O wowww..
      Thank you lady for visiting the blog..
      I'd applied the mehndi on my hands, become so tempted that i can't wait for it ..
      I would like to follow you <3
      Stay connected !!

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