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Mikyajy Tempting Treats !!

Mikyajy Tempting Treats  !!
Hello everybody .. First of all a warm welcome to my new followers and thank you for those sticking around me liking, appreciating and congratulating me on starting blogging and emerging as a Blogger of Pakistan !! Huh now move on to review .. Today I am going to review a Tempting treat ahhhhh very tempting treat from Mikyajy .. Lol :P 


Mikyajy TemptingTreats (Image searched from google for better image pixels.  

About Mikyajy

Mikyajy is established in 1987 by The Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group (KOJ) started with one of the earliest franchises of The Body Shop. Since then, the group is growing at a rapid pace to become an independent brand organization. Today, the group is having more than 500 stores and employing a global mix of more than 2,500 professionals of 50 nationalities working across seven countries. This brand is easily available in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other countries of Middle East.

About the “Kit”

It consists of 84 eye shadows, 60 lip colors, 8 blushers, 4 eyebrow powders and 4 concealer shades. Hence it is the complete color solution for any beauty lover's dressing table and is guaranteed to get you every look you can think of.

Mikyajy TemptingTreats (complete view on my dressing table :P)

My review

Now moving on to review.. This is a complete must have kit. If you are fan of compact makeup kits then this will be your choice and trust me you can never regret buying it.


It has covered the maximum range of eye shadows from soft to smoky colors. You can create any look if you are having this treat with you. Check out the eyeshades here:

Mikyajy eye shadows ~~ All colors

As you can see the shades are covered completely here. In a party I wore a teal color dress and I was surprised to see even that particular “teal color” is included in this kit hence I created a smoky makeup look with this kit.

Lipsticks and Lipglosses

Now moving to Lip shades or more specially lip glosses are covered from pink to nudes including the darkest red, mahroon and brown. Check below, sorry for the bad picture, my younger sister has ruined the kit, because she finds her favorite light color lip glosses, which are easiest to apply and some of them contains right amount of glitter ~~ Also perfect for teenage girls <3
Mikyajy Lipsticks and Lipglosses ~~ At the right and left hand side of kit.


Blush section consists of major colors from baby pink to dark pink , a peach shade, nude or natural brown, dark brown and mahroon shade suitable for contouring.

Mikyajy Blushes

Concealers and Brow Powders

It consists of 4 concealers and 4 brow powders as shown below

Mikyajy Concealer and brow powders

Final thought

The kit also consists of applicators which are soft for application. This is the must have kit, perfect for brides-to-be. I recommend this to every bride because you never know which shade you will be in needing of :P It is available at all leading stores in Saudi Arabia. My mother got this for me when I was getting married from a super store named Bin Dawood when she went there to perform Hajj (A festival for Muslims) She got it for 160SAR. But when I checked the website it is retail for 199SAR.

Are you looking to buy it? Click here.

They are giving on and off discounts and deals thorough out the year, keep checking their website for deals and promotions here
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I do also have Mikyajy Pretty in Bag with me, i will review that too, till then you can check that on website here

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