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Luch Luch Craft's PersunMall International Giveaway (Closed)

Luch Luch Craft's  PersunMall International Giveaway (Closed)

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

PersunMall Summer Style International Giveaway - July

PersunMall Summer Style International Giveaway - July

 Who wants to win clothes of their choice ? PersunMall is holding an amazing giveaway .. They will select one winner for every 60 participants. Just follow simple steps to get in chance to win. Make sure to register with PersunMall and check your mail to see if you win. Giveaway start today and ends on 15th of July and yes it is INTERNATIONAL  So keep sharing :)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eye Pencils ~~ Sweet Touch, DMGM and Essence ..

Eye Pencils ~~ Sweet Touch, DMG, and Essence ..

I was not a big fan of eye pencils because I thought it’s a mess using them but when I added some of them in my makeup vanity box, it change my views and lead a positive effect. Read further for details <3

Eye pencils with cover from top to bottom  Sweet Touch Sparkling Green, DMGM Grey Pearl -17, Essence 17- Tu-tu-Turquoise, Essence 12 Have a Green, Essence 08 Touch of Glam. 

Eye pencils from left to right  Sweet Touch Sparkling Green, DMGM Grey Pearl -17, Essence 17- Tu-tu-Turquoise, Essence 12 Have a Green, Essence 08 Touch of Glam.

Sweet Touch Sparkling Green

This is a sparkling metallic green color smudge proof, water proof and good application. It does not crease over lids. To give the proper color you need to swipe it atleast three times.  If you are looking for a water proof liner then this is the good choice.
It stays on good for 4-5 hours.

Check out Sweet touch other products here

DMGM Grey Pearl -17, Crayon, Kohl Kajal:

This is grayish in color. It is extremely soft for the application. However after 2-3 hours I found it smudging for an oily skin in an extremely hot weather (For Karachi which is normally 40-45 degree centigrade) . For good application, don’t forget to use it on clear dry skin. Apply foundation and/or compact powder let it dry, set and then use DMGM pencil carefully. You have to be careful in applying it because its nib is soft and if not handled properly it may lead to a mess but don’t worry it is easy to remove also.
It stays on good for 2-3 hours after which it starts to smudge. What I like about this product is its extremely soft application, one having sensitive skin or are afraid of using eye liner pencils on/inside eye or using kajals will find this as an awesomous product.

Check out DMGM Crayon Kohl Kajal  other shades here

Essence Eye pencils

Available in eight beautiful colors, I have bought three of them as I really can’t wait to use them.

Essence 17- Tu-tu-Turquoise

This is a retractable liner, my favorite beautiful turquoise color. I wear same color dress in a party and use a pink lipstick, this eye liner pencil and then a simple thin black eye liner over the lid, highlighted it with Essence Eyeshadow and yet your perfect makeup is done. It is a good color pay off. I am very happy with using Essence products as their products promises precision, quality and color pay off.
I would suggest you to handle retractable liners carefully because if you open it more that the desired nib, it will break off and would result in product wastage. I would suggest Essence to work on it as it makes you really sad if your product ends up so early because of nip breakage.

Essence 12 Have a Green

This is another wearable matt-finish shade. Same reviews as discussed above. This is exact and perfect color for Mayun-Mehndi occasion for Muslims of the world J This is one of my favorite color xoxoox ..

Essence 08 Touch of Glam

A beautiful purple color perfect for smokey makeup look xoxox …
Essence eye pencils stays on good for 7-8 hours and believe me I have tested this :)

You can check other essence eye pencils shades here.

Final thought

  • If you are looking for water proof eye liner but can compromise with application you can try Sweet Touch Eye pencils
  • If you want a product with easy application and does not have oily skin or can manage oily lids problem then I would suggest you to go for DGMG Pencils as they are soft and easy for application
  • If you want great shades and want to emphasis and create a prominent look, go for Essence Eye pencils.

Price and Availability

I bought Sweet touch Pencil for PKR 250, DGMG for PKR 350 and Essence Eye pencils for PKR 300 Each from Imtiaz Super Store.

All these products are available nationwide at and Beauty Arena

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Stives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub ..

Stives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub
Skin caring is most important part of your makeup. If the skin is not properly hydrated, clean and nourished then doing makeup is useless. We can use makeup on acne skin to hide scars, blemish and pimples but this does not clear skin and ultimately it will lead to damages of skin. So I thing scrubbing and cleansing should be in our routine. Everybody has different skin type so their scrubbing and cleansing needs are different yet I am here to review a product that ultimately suits every skin type.

Why scrubbing is important?

In a country like India, Pakistan where there is lot of humidity and pollution, skin absorbs dust other chemicals which are present in the contaminated air.
Scrub prevents blackheads, blemish. It is most important thing once has to do with oily skin because oily skin produces more oil sebum and absorb dirt as compare to others.

Stives Apricort Scrub. (Timeless Skin)

Stives Apricort Scrub. (Timeless Skin) Back side showing directions.
Stives Apricort Scrub. (Timeless Skin)

What Stives claims about their products?
We use the ingredients that nature has provided so that you can give your skin the loving care it needs, leaving it naturally to harness the power of nature to protect, revitalise and treat your skin.

What Stives claims about this product?
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Does not contain animal ingredient
  • Formulated without Parabens & Phthalates.
My review:
According to my research apricot is good for skin so I choose Apricot Scrub. Stives is a Unilever brand. A must have skin care product Stives Timeless skin Apricort scrub comes in the packaging 6 Oz (170 gm). It help prevents skin blemish and blackheads. It is gentles to skin and does not feel harsh on skin. I am having oily skin so I use it 2-3 times per weeks and then follow up with cleansing the skin to feel much better. If you did not get a time to go to beauty salon and you are having some occasion coming up you can use it and it will feel your skin good and soothing. However it does not cleans all the blackheads at once obviously it is not possible for a scrub to do so, it is not a magic :P , but as it claims, it continuosly usage will prevent doing skin and is recommended for acne prone skin.

  •       No animal ingredients.
  •       Does not feel harsh on skin
  •       Prevent blackheads and skin blemishes
  •  I have tested this on my skin which is oily, but if your having dry skin I would suggest you to first test on your hand and then use it on your face. However my sister is also using it and she is having combination skin.
  • As they said at the back of cover, it contains a products than may lead to skin burn so if your skin is extremely sensitive use sunblock after using it. (I suggest sunblock to everybody going out on daily basis)
My rating 4/5

I recommend this for oily to senstive skin since it does not feels harsh on skin and contains the right amount of granules.
This is available at all local super drugstore around PKR 350 across Pakistan
You can check this product on their official website here
Sania Wasif :)
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