Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My giveaway prize from Flavyaz

My giveaway prize from Flavyaz
Hi guys, how you guys are doing? Today I am going to share my giveaway prize which I receive few years days back (sorry for the typo mistake :P) from Flavyaz in a giveaway she sponsored at PinkClouds..
She hold a giveaway at Pink Clouds in which she was giving this beautiful ring, but when I opened the mail, I was happy to see a beautiful note and two other surprise gifts. Here is what I get :)


  My giveaway prize from Flavyaz

   A beautiful Ring


 Lip Balm or Lip Tint 
 A Thank You Note :)

The ring is resizeable and of excellent quality. The glitter is multipurpose and the lip balm is from mineral cosmetics which gives exactly same shade and makes my lips smooth.

Again what more matters to me in receiving this giveaway prize was a congratulations note which made me happy a lot :)

My parcel reached safely through TCS and it was bubble wrap to avoid breakage.

Do you like my giveaway prize? Have you won something recently? Let me know in comments :)

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Till the next post, tata bye bye and take lots of care :) 

Sania Wasif :)


  1. Thanks for sharing sweets! Glad you loved the gifts!

  2. thank you :) btw sorry for the typo mistake :P i type years instead days :) hehehe ..

  3. Awww you are lovely sania <3


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