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How to do Eye Makeup?

How to do Eye Makeup? Tips with pictures <3
Eye Makeup is very tricky and can be messy to handle if not applied properly. By following simple tips and tricks it can be easy to apply. You need to follow these real techniques in order to increase its staying power.
Here are some tips that I would like to share.

1.      Use concealer/foundation/eye primer
As you do with your entire face and neck this is the first and foremost tip to apply eye shadow. The entire lid must be properly balanced in order to give the exact color. Use concealer/foundation/eye primers. Apply with sponge and blend with fingers.

Suggestion: Whatever foundation/concealer suits your skin type. I have heard MUA eye primer and Lakme foundation many times in reviews.
2.     Start with neutral color
Whether it is day time /party or office start with light/neutral shade and build properly to the desired look.

3.     Avoid using dark shades in day time
Avoid using dark shade as they may pop your eye in front of public and gives a harsh look. 


4.     Using of colored Eye Pencil/Eye Liner.
This can be very tricky and at the same time easy to apply. You just need to be perfect in its application. If you are going for a lunch or hanging out with friends in day time, I will suggest using of colored pencils as they make your eye look bigger. Don’t forget to follow up with thin line of black eye liner.

Suggestion: Essence Eye Liner Pencil, DMGM, Golden Rose (Read review here)

5.     Use proper brushes
Use proper and good quality brushes for application. Don’t forget to wash them once in a weak.

Suggestion:  Sigma Brushes/ Mac brushes are best for quality. If you are looking for budget friendly go for synthetic brushes from a local drugstore brand. For washing brushes Johnson Baby shampoo or any mild shampoo (not hard one as they may cause their bristles break up) is the best shampoo.

6.     Giving a smoky touch
The best idea is to start applying the darker shade by first building the crease line. If you are not experienced as I am :P use black eye shadow at the corner of eyes and start blending it with the color of your eye shadow. 

7.      Highlighters 
Highlighters are must have for entire makeup look. Use light and non glittery shades for day time. Instead use a golden brown shade (the one matching your skin) for day time. For part you can use silver/copper shades. Make sure to use proper amount as its heavy amount might gives a dirty look.

Suggestion: Essence highlighters (Read review here and here)

8.     Eye brow creation
Don’t forget to line your eye brows properly to give a finished look. 

Suggestion: Sigma Brow kit and Sleek Brow kit have been famous and preferred by many bloggers worldwide.

9.     Mascara.
Whether day or night Mascara is the must have product. 

Suggestion: Rimmel , Loreal Mascara
10.  Giving a finished look.
To give a finished look use Kajal and follow up with eye pencil (the one that is smudge free) so that it gives a clean look.

Suggestion: I am having an extremely oily skin so I use eye pencil instead of Kajal.

That’s all from my side for this post .. How many of these tips are you following? Let me know in comments.

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Sania Wasif :)

All images here are searched from google, their  is no intent to steal the images and sharing on my blog. I just used to share it on my blog in order to understand. I would like to thank to all image producers for genuine pictures <3


  1. Nice tips and ideas, the purple smoky makeup looks amazing ..

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  3. well i have oily skin so i doubt this would stay on me for long at all :( i love the natural finish of it though, it looks gorgeous on you!Foundation Suits Your Skin Type
    I love treat street apart from i always forget to use it! My sister got £11 worth of points from it the other day!


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