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Classics Fluid Foundation (Shade 103)

Classics Fluid Foundation (Shade 103)

Hey guys today I am back with a review of a product which I am using for more than 7months and seeing amazing results. It is Classics Perfect Finish Makeup 103. It is basically a fluid foundation. It means you need to blend it with fingers or sponge whatever suits you, in order to get perfect results. I choose a small part of shade at the back of my wrist to check to see if it match my skin tone. After checking two-three shades, I found one that was one shade above my skin tone but not over done so that it might not look cakey.


It comes in the plastic bottle of 34ml.  The cap is transparent one and the color of bottle was made of the shade of liquid inside, so it makes an easy to check for the shade. However I did not like the idea because you cannot imagine how much is still left to use it up. You need to only guess how much you have used and how much is still in the bottle. On the other it is travel friendly with no chances of breakage of cap.

What Classic Claim about this product?
  • A wonderful moisturizing foundation with smooth and soft effect..
  • Antioxidant power with Vitamin E
  • Regenerating activity with Vitamin A
  • I always look for the ingredient C177891 “Titanium Dioxide” when buying the makeup products, specially the foundations and base. This ingredient is mostly found in mineral cosmetics, it helps to protect your skin from sun rays and is suitable for sensitive skin.
On the other hand I did a research and found that:

  • Vitamin A promotes healthy skin and
  • Vitamin E protect your skin from sun burn  

Classics Fluid Foundation (Shade 103) blended over my wrist 

My thoughts

When I bought it, I had a lot of expectations from this makeup foundation. I use to take it off a mall pea sized quantity (As shown in picture) and use to apply a dot all over my entire face and neck. I then use my fingers to work evenly and blend all over the face and neck making sure the eyes, dark circles, nose , the chin area and fine lines on the neck are properly blended. I then wet my makeup sponge and swipe compact powder to get it fixed, otherwise it will look like you have applied a silver eye shadow. Finally I used the translucent powder or makeup fixing powder for the final touch. This foundation stays as it is for 4 hours, after which you might need to reapply the compact powder if it is feeling oily.

You might like it because
  • Gives a natural glow to skin
  • Good staying Power
  • You are have having combination to oily skin
  • Contains Titanium Dioxide
  • Enriched with Vitamin A and E
You might not like it because
  • You find white/silver shining if you did not use the compact powder.
Price and Availability

It is available in 10 different shades. I bought it for PKR 825 from Imtiaz Super Store. You can check the shades here, but they do not ship worldwide. Classics Products are easily available across Pakistan.

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