Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kassara Pink Sunset Body Wash

Kassara Pink Sunset Body Wash

Hello Everyone :) Hope you all be doing great ..  Today I am going to review Kassara Pink Sunset Body Wash by Mikyajy. I have reviewed other products from Mikyajy here and I am completely in love with Mikyajy Products. Last year when my parents went for Hajj they grab a lot of products for me from Saudi Arabia. Mikyajy is the famous and best seller brand of Middle East and its products are worth buying <3

Now moving on to review , honestly speaking I am not a big fan of shower gels and body washes. I hardly use them once in a week or when going out for a special party (Winks :P) Normally I prefer a good beauty soap like Johnson baby soap or Olive  Oil soaps available in leading stores across Pakistan. But this body wash has completely changed my view , now I am tempted to use it. Since we need extra care and for our driest skin and something to make us feel smooth like velvet, I think that this body wash is a great choice then.

 Kassara Body Wash 

Kassara body wash comes in the cute pink packaging of 100ml. It makes you feel refreshing. It is a clean-rinsing body wash, you will not feel greasy or oily. Its smells like something pretty from Heaven. I am in love with its fragrance <3

Apply with a sponge or as it is, work in leather all over the body and rinse well with hot water (Obviously in winters :P) Using body wash in winters and then taking bath with hot water will make me refresh in this sleepy mornings :) It stays on good for 5-6 hours in winters and good thing is that you can feel its freshness and fragrances for 24 hours as its does not fades away completely.

I will not go into details with this section because Mikyajy contains skin friendly ingredients but I would like to share that it contains Cocamidopropyl which comes from coconut oil. It helps to wash away the oil and dirt from your skin.

 You might like it because:
  • Smell like heaven
  • Pretty Pink packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Stays on good for 5-6 hours.
  • Does not fade away completely as other body washes do.
  • Contains skin friendly ingredients
You might not like it because
  • It is not available in Pakistan
  • You want scent-free products.
Price and Availability

My mom don’t remember its exact price but it should be in range of 10-15 SAR (PKR 300 to 450)

It is available in all Mikyajy Counters across Middle East. For Pakistan Fans you can ask your International buyers to grab them for you.

When searching for it on the website I did not get its direct product link however you can check its website here.
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Till the next post, tata bye bye and take lots of care :) 

Sania Wasif :)


  1. thanks for reviewing :( too bad it's not available in Pakistan

    1. yes, i love Mikyajy but its sad their products are not available here .. I even check Park tower and dollmen mall all outlets to see if they can get this brand here, sadly they cannot currently but hope for future :) Inshallah

  2. Haven't tried this but I think it was on sale. . Maybe next time ♡


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