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Herotopia (An online Game)

Herotopia (An online game for kids)

Hi guys , today I am coming up with a great review .. Herotopia ~~ A fun activity of children.. Outdoor games or online computer games both play an effective role in healthy mind making.. I choose herotopia review, because it is neither a game for kids only but adults can also enjoy playing with it as it is really an interactive game ..

What is Herotopia?
Herotopia is an award-winning, fun and safe virtual world where kids create their very own superheroes and travel around the world to play and learn.

Why Herotopia?

  • General Knowledge
    • Kids explore famous cities and learn amazing Fun Facts 
    • A child is introduced to foreign languages, geography, math and reading skills. 
    • Kids can adopt an Orangutan Sidekick and learn about its endangered species
  • Herotopia is an adventurous game 
    • This help the child to become a problem solver.   
  • In herotopia , every child is a Superhero. 
    • This build courage and motivation in a child. 
  •  Moving to advance levels
    • This unlock special rewards 
  • Customization
    • Players earn Topia Tokens which help them to customize their Superhero and Secret Hideout 
  • Donation
    • A percentage of Herotopia memberships will be donated to the Global Heroship Fund to help kids do their own good deeds in the real world
How to play game?

You need to create a Herotopia account. Herotopia is FREE for everyone with a basic membership. For basic membership first you need to provide user name and password with parent email address.. An email will be send to parent id to activate the account. Now you can enjoy the basic membership.. Kids can choose their own superheros , dress them accordingly and choose the style they want , like the mask or the dress color combination ..

Upgrading the membership.

Now if you want to have access to "All-Access Membership" you need to pay a minimal monthly membership fee through paypal or credit card. After payment verification you will  receive special features and privileges.  All-Access Superhero members can use their Topia Tokens to buy accessories and gear for their Secret Hideout, adopt a Sidekick, choose from multiple Superpowers and Supervehicles and go to Herotopia Island. This is really an enjoyable game ..
How much the Membership cost?
All access membership costs $5.95 a month, $29.95 for 6 months and $57.95 for a 12 month subscription. Now this means the more you subscribed the less you pay ..

That's all from my side about Herotopia.. 

Do you like my review? Will you allow your child to play Herotopia?
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Need further information ? Read FAQ here
Want to subscribed to "All Access Membership" ? Click here 

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