Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rujhan Fabrics ~~

Rujhan Fabrics ~~ Semi - Formal Collection ..
Hello everybody, hows everyone doing ..? And what about your Eid Shopping guys? Many of us had completed theirs before Ramzan Well some of us can never had their shopping done before Eid and shop for it till the Chand Raat ^-^

Anyways few days back I went to the market to shop for Eid particularly Lawn and their I saw Rujhan Fabrics collection which was superb and stylish..

One thing I want to share that I take my pictures and transferred them to computer but unfortunately my computer crashed and I had lost all of them :( I can’t take pictures again because suits are with tailor for stitching so I am sharing the pictures from website. But I Promise I will share mine with OOTD post Inshallah :)

Now, before giving into detail review I would like to share something about them

About Rujhan Fabrics (directly from the website)
Established in 1980 Rujhan Fabrics has served its clients to provide the best quality clothes that include different styles and designs. We offer a wide range of dresses.

What Rujhan Fabrics claim about?
Rujhan Fabrics’ dresses are made with fine quality and style. Our designs are simple, classy, sophisticated and above all very wearable.

My review:
Actually I was looking for embroidered dresses with chiffon or fancy dupatta and soft fabric like Lawn , I set my requirement and started looking for it .. I bought two dresses from their collection one from “Rakshi” and other from “Parisha” which are:

Dress One Front Side 

Dress One Back Side 

This dress was available in two colors, navy blue and grey. I choose grey one .. As they claim it is sophisticated and classy. I like the dupatta of this dress. There were a huge mix colors in it specially the fawn shade was giving a trendy and decent look. The dress comes in three piece, shirt embroidered as shown in front and back and dupatta. However since I don’t prefer high neck so I choose the heart shape neckline ..

Now check Dress Number Two:

Dress Two Front Side

Dress Two Back Side 

Again this was available in two colors, mustard and purple as shown in the picture. I choose mustard one because I thought the beauty of this dress was emerging in this color.
This dress comes in four piece shirt embroidered front and back, lace and a wonderful dupatta.

The fabric of both dresses were soft and perfect for summer.

Cost & Availability.
I bought Dress One for PKR 3150 and Dress Two for PKR 2750 from Al Madini Mall Karachi- Pakistan.

My sisters have also picked one dress from this collection and they were priced too in the same range with excellent designs and cut.  However I have heard some of their designs are available in Tariq Road and other super store nationwide in some low price

I would suggest Rujhan Fabric to give a caption so that we use a name to call them instead of calling them as Dress 1 and 2 :(

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Till the next post, tata bye bye and take lots of care :)
Sania Wasif :)

Disclaimer: I receive no benefit or compensation to review the product, my opinion is 100% truth and original


  1. Loving the designs but a little pricey!

    1. Yeah they are, one of my friend has bought the same dress in less than 500 rupees at different place. So you may find different price at different stores ..


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