Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My giveaway prize from Persunmall

My giveaway prize from Persunmall
Hi guys, how you guys are doing? Today I am going to share my giveaway prize from Persunmall ..
I receive this gorgeous "Exquisite Flowers Ring " <3

There were several prizes which Persunmall was offering to winner, I choose this ring .. The shinning is as same as shown in the picture above, however it is fixed size around Size 17  which is mine size so it fitted me easily.. 
It was retail at US$ 12.99 on the website but the tag it contain was priced at $46.99..

My parcel reached safely in less than 10 days I don’t remember the exact time as it was arrived at my mom’s place but yet I did not waited long for the parcel .. I did not pay any taxes or duty when it reached here..
Do you like it? Click here to buy it .. 

Have you shop from Persunmall? What did you buy ? Share your experiences please..
Till the next post, tata bye bye.. See you :)


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